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Our Story

We founded SG7 Soccer Academic with one goal in mind: to give our students and players the best, and most rewarding learning experience. SG7 holds open tryouts for all boys and girls who are interested in joining our program.

These tryouts are an opportunity for us to see if players will be a good fit for the academy as well as for families to see if SG7 is the right academy for them. 

SG7 Coaches




Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, 2002

·      Diploma football coaching course.

·      Master’s Degree from MBP school of Coaches (Football) Barcelona,Spain (current ) 

·      Holds Values and Principles in Sports Singapore Certification

·      First Aid, AED, and CPR Certified.  

·      Observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator, knowledgeable.

·      He makes sure your coaching sessions are progressive and challenging!


Li Xuan


  •  Li Xuan has a heart for football and a passion to nurture.

  • Football became a part of her life since 9 years old.

  • Having grown up in Egypt - she looked up to Mo Salah, who motivated her to play football whenever she gets the chance to.  

  •  She is also a passionate and talented golfer who has also coached soccer, volleyball and basketball for her school team.

  • Li Xuan has also led, and taken part in volunteering events such as working with children to improve their basic English skills 

  • She has a fun and cheerful personality and is a joy to be around. Her fondness of children is evident in her lively interactions with them at work as she connects with them.




  • Michelle has 6 years of football experience and is an active member of Phoenix Pride Football Club. 

  • In the past years, she assisted in the coaching of her University Hall’s football team as the Vice-Captain and

  • Vice-Captain of her school  football team - the team subsequently defended their Championship title at National A Division Football Championship.

  • Michelle is always happy to help and would often conduct 1-to-1 trainings with her teammates. 

  • She is enthusiastic and passionate, and is known to be fond of children.

  • Michelle has also engaged in academic and moral support for children aged 3-11 in a volunteer programme and has also tutored children aged 5-7.


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