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Our Coaches

Meet our hand-picked, highly-skilled, and well rounded coaches that make the players the stars that they are. 

  • Master’s Degree from MBP School of Coaches (Barcelona, Spain) (2021)

  • MBP School of Coaches - Collective Fundamentals Specialist (2021)

  • MBP School of Coaches - Individual Fundamentals per Position Specialist (2021)

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Management (2002)

  • Diploma football coaching course

  • NROC Registry Of Coaches Sport Football Singapore 

  • Holds Values and Principles in Sports Singapore Certification

  • First Aid, AED, and CPR Certified.

  • Coach Ryan is an observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator in all aspects. His knowledge and experience, ensures that coaching sessions are progressive and challenging.


Coach Boonk holds a FAS 'C' Coaching Certificate, Fundamental Movement Skills, Fundamental Movement Skills, Safe Sport for Coaches, and is CPR-AED Certified. He has worked at ActiveSG, various MOE Schools, as well as Preschools over the last years. Coach Boonk's high level of expertise has brought insightful, skilled and progressional training sessions for our teams.  

photo_2023-08-30 15.15_edited.jpg

Coach Ammirul has gained coaching experiences from various academies in Singapore over the last few years. He is experienced in handling kids of all ages and levels. His trainings are filled with skills work and technique works for our teams to continuously improve.


Coach Joie is a fresh high-school graduate from Victoria Junior College. 

Her soccer team at VJC has held the National Football Champions title for 2019 and 2019. She has also won the title of "Most Valuable Player". 


Coach Li Xuan is avid lover of soccer from a young age watching soccer, and being a part of, and leading her school team as captain whilst, winning championships. Her experience in other sports have allowed her to excel in adapting her skills and and knowledge for our teams. 


Coach Wan holds an FAS Grassroots Coaching Certificate (Level 1), and has shown his experience and multi-level knowledge in coaching children of all ages and positions on the field. He continuously brings creative, and well thought out methods of teaching our teams. He is our designated goalkeeper coach for our teams. 

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